Inter-Party Trust


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Ecosystem Powered Data Interchange – Trust Of, For & By Participants



Interactions using Data today (P2P, B2B, B2C) on 3rd or 1st party for data verification or its authentication due to lack of inter-party TRUST – Be it a student requesting her school to send transcripts to the next institution she wants to study at, a third party credit score that banks rely on when lending money, background verification of information submitted by a potential employee applying for a job opening OR a third party operated virtual data room provider when two companies are in an M&A transaction.

At ThynkBlynk, we are very excited about our globally Trusted Data Interchange service ChainTRAIL.Com that is powered ecosystem participant driven TRUST paradigm greatly easing P2P, B2C and B2B transactions immensely – both in terms of speed and cost.

With live use-cases with enterprises in Asia, India and Middle East, we are at an exciting growth point in our 2+years’ journey. Come be a part. Go to ChainTrail.Com or get in touch with us.

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